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Late Editon of The Pen Review: Cult of Submission


Welcome to the late edition of The Pen Review!
Today’s review goes out to Cult of Submission by Eric Erato.
Although, this book is part of a series, the First Night Series, it can be read as a stand alone. I really enjoyed reading this story. It follows Lucy, a charismatic, tough, investigative reporter. A reporter who is hell bent on finding out about Russell Turnquill. Russell being a business man with a loyal following of people that others might consider a cult. This is the man who has intrigued Lucy for a very long time. So much at even the dismay of her boss, she quits being a reporter for the newspaper to go undercover. A little scared, but armed with her curoisty Lucy will go undercover to find out the truth. Will Lucy find the truth or will she fall to the arms of the mesmerizing Russell? Want to a take a sneek a peak into Eric Erato’s Cult of Submission? Take a look at the wonderful series excerpt below.

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Genre: Erotica/BDSM


I allowed my thoughts of Turnquill’s strength to flow like the water and mist over my body, imagining him instructing me to touch myself. The scent of lavender had been a subtle undertone when I entered the bathroom, but now grew overpowering, seeping from the steam and the soap and the walls themselves. Feeling lightheaded and aroused, I pressed a coarse and foamy loofa roughly against my skin. Lingering with the sponge, I rubbed it across my erect nipples and shivered with each abrasion. I thought of Turnquill grabbing my hair, twisting my nipples and taking the kiss that he wanted, then taking whatever else he wanted, his hands rough and brutal as the sponge. My head fell back and my lips parted, knowing the loofa would start working against my most tender parts soon, feeling him on me, over me, and being swept away with the sensation and the lavender and the fantasy.

If you would like to catch the series and purchase the book, please visit Eternal Press.


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