Live Chat with Phoebe Baker Hyde, author of THE BEAUTY EXPERIMENT: How I Skipped Lipstick, Ditched Fashion, Faced the World Without Concealer and Learned to Love the Real Me.










BookTrib invites you to celebrate inner beauty on February 27 at 1 p.m. ET during a Live Chat with Phoebe Baker Hyde, author of THE BEAUTY EXPERIMENT: How I Skipped Lipstick, Ditched Fashion, Faced the World Without Concealer and Learned to Love the Real Me.


Phoebe Baker Hyde looked at her reflection and despaired. As an exhausted young mother she felt ugly and saw that a new dress or face cream would never help. She was at risk of passing on the habit of feeling miserable about her looks to her baby girl—if nothing changed.


Soon afterward Phoebe Baker Hyde made a vow: to give up new clothes, makeup, haircuts, and jewelry in hopes of revealing something she had always paid lip service to but never quite believed in—her inner beauty.


THE BEAUTY EXPERIMENT chronicles Hyde’s quest for self-acceptance in nothing but her own skin. In thoughtful, exquisite prose, Hyde holds up a mirror to all women and shows how perfectionism can keep us from achieving what we really want: happiness, confidence, and serenity.


So wash off your makeup and come join us to chat live with Phoebe! What’s more—10 lucky winners will receive their very own copy of the book!


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