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Mark T. Rasmussen – The Journey – Virtual Book Tour

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Literary fiction (with Adventure; Family)

Date Published: 11-28-2022

Publisher: By The Pure Sea Books


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“The journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step.” ~ Lao


Raiden, an emotionally troubled 40-something guy, is at a major turning
point in his life. Rather than choose to face it head on, he undertakes an
epic road trip adventure across North America, all with the aim of escaping
the single most transformative event of his life – imminent

Searching for solutions in all the wrong places and faces, Raiden is forced
to turn the mirror back on himself and shine the harsh light of reality not
only on his quest, but into the very depths of his soul, in order to
discover what it is he truly seeks.

While he does his best to find the answer, the impactful events he
experiences along the way will reveal more about Raiden and his nature than
the strange assortment of characters he meets on his overland odyssey.

Ultimately, The Journey is a story that no matter how far you run, your
demons always follow.

 “Mark T. Rasmussen rewards readers with a fascinating tale of
transformation. 5-stars!”
K.C. Finn (Readers’


About the Author

MARK T. RASMUSSEN is an Australian author born by the sea, cultivated in
the city, formed via the world. Previously a professional journalist and
editor, Mark now writes evocative, thought provoking subject matter for his
adult novels and screenplays, and fun, captivating, thoughtful books for
children. An avid adventurer, he currently lives in a remote Mexican
seaside-jungle village with his beautiful & brilliant, author wife, and
youngest son, finding it an idyllic piece of paradise to read, write, and
love. For more info visit:

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