MS Office and Using It To It’s Potential


Ever wonder how you can use Microsoft Office Suite to it’s fullest potential when you are writing that new novel or setting up ideas for your next work? Ever get frustrated with all these new software packages and not able to understand them? Hate having to pay for a book or try to sit a learn something? Take a step back and think if you are a visual learner or a person who can learn by reading. Personally I am a visual learner. I can rely on books visually and by taking courses. Use your resources. Being a part of RWA, there are many courses out there you can take and pay for. Is there something near you that could help you learn? Of course! Google it! I find that search engines are a writers and a student’s best friend. I recently stumbled upon the website to learn for the new Office Suite for Apple computers. If you are a Window’s user, feel free to check out the website below to learn Office 2007. There are also great visual learning books as well that you can buy from Peach Pit Press.Happy learning and keeping writing!

Update: There is a great book out there the On Demand Series. I would recommend them if you like to learn visually.

Office 2007 :

Office for Mac:


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