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Music Review: Bend or Break’s Viewing Room

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Denise Alicea

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Bend or Break, a rock band with class and style. The cover of their new upcoming album speaks for itself. They have a distinct sound. If you like hard or softer rock, there is a bit of everything for rock music lovers. The Viewing Room has 13 songs in total and after hearing the album I can tell this was a labor of love for the group. The album itself starts off with the title of the album, Viewing Room that is an upbeat song that starts off with spectacular guitar rifts from Cornell swiftly turning into resonating vocals provided by both Tegano and Marrone with rocking drum support by Sasloe. This quickly became one of my favorites and starts the album, its perquisite of what is to arrive. Each song has a message behind it seems, after all music is about experiences and musicians like these capitalize on them. Perhaps experiences brought forward by the long journey of the band’s lives and making this album.

Certainly, the taste of music has expanded, as there are softer tones that can be seen in this album. The previous album of the band had been more leaning towards hard rock. Ashore is a good example of this as it’s a piece that showcases the musical genius behind the band. It’s soft and melodic almost giving the listener a reprieve, and it provides a great introduction to the song Castaway. A shout out to the amazing mixing of brilliant Andy Gomez, who surely brought the talents of this group forward. Bend or Break makes sure that everyone gets their turn on the album. Band members having their own distinct voices, sounds, and parts in the album. This is sure to make them successful because this is a rarity in today’s industry. There is also a unity seen in this band like no other from what I have seen personally. I have a couple of favorites on the album, Viewing Room, Gift, Model, Castaway, Jagged Edge, and Ashore. Rock fans alike will find a song that resonates with them as I did.

The hard work that comes with a band is no easy task, which Bend or Break has taken into account with this album. As they tread the waters of music, they are certainly going to find a break soon. A talented group of band members like these men will be hard to miss for long. Wishing the band the best in their musical endeavors! Be sure to follow the band on their website and twitter for updates. This act you won’t want to miss live.


1. Viewing Room

2. Gift

3. Emberage

4. Model

5. Aprehension

6. Ashore

7. Castaway

8. Vacancy

9. Stuck in the Moment

10. Jagged Edge

11. Sedimentary

12. Left Behind

13. Uncommon Arrival


NIK0086  with logo

Band’s website

Genre: Rock

Band Members:

Chris Marrone Pete Cornell Garrett Tegano Ryan Sasloe

Band Bio:

It’s been almost three years now since old friends Chris Marrone and Pete Cornell reunited to form what has become Bend or Break, and their showing no signs of slowing down.

With the release of their highly anticipated album “Viewing Room,” Bend or Break will be looking upwards as they plan to spend the next year on the road in support of their new record.

Critics, engineers, and fans alike have compared Bend or Break to a spectrum of other bands including Incubus, Stone Temple Pilots, Deftones, and Tool.

Their sound is forged by an intense love for modern Heavy Metal and their early-mid 90’s Grunge roots.

Look for Bend or Break in a city near you or check them out at

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Hannah Redamonti

loved this article, concise and descriptive! great band too….thx for the article. glad to read well written music reviews! you should work for itunes…lol


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