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Why do you need social media laws? by Natalia Johnson



Why do you need social media laws?





Nowadays we are living in a global village; no matter where you are, you can be connected to your loved ones via the internet. But where the internet has made our life easier, it is also creating a lot of privacy problems.

Privacy Concerns: A pressing issue or just a hoax?

Privacy concerns of users of the social networking websites are increasing at an alarming rate. Social media web apps require a lot of their user’s personal data to function properly. The users of a social networking website can only access the web app’s front-end layers. The users can never really know, how the web apps are saving their data on the back-end; or how many people might have direct access to it. The “Web 2.0” is the cause of most of the privacy concerns. The Web 2.0 helps with data sharing between different social networking web apps; this causes major cyber issues such as cyber stalking and leakage of personal data of many users of such websites.

Privacy Issues and Businesses

Present day privacy issues are not just affecting people but businesses as well. The growth of your business is affected a lot by whether or not social media marketing is included in your marketing plan. Social media can be used not only to advertise the products of the company but also as a mean of communication between the company’s clients and employees. Social media itself is not destructive to the business. But the newly formed privacy laws can harm the business is some ways. All the anti-discrimination and anti-harassment laws that we follow in the real world; are also applicable in the world of the internet.

Too much information

According to the legal system of many countries, an employer is responsible for the actions of their employees. Here are some ways in which an employee’s actions can affect the company.

  • If an employee posts something online about their company’s product which is either partially true or not true at all, then the company will be held responsible for lying to their customers.
  • Another example is that if an employee A posts a picture or post of another employee B on a public forum, which employee B finds offensive. Then employee B can hold their company responsible in the court of law.
  • Another example is online competitions held for free products or discounts; these are illegal in some areas of the world. Companies should check their local laws before posting such contests or else they can land themselves in hot water.

Get a lawyer

An employee can sometimes consciously or unconsciously put their company in a vulnerable position in the eye of the law by breaking some privacy law. There are two things a company can do to save themselves from facing such situations in the future. First one is that they can make sure that their employees are not using any social networking site. The second one is that they can hire a lawyer to make sure that their company has airtight social media policies for their employees.

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