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New Adult Romance

Date Published 05-03-2021


Scarlett Camden met her Prince Charming-Harvard bound, Michael, the first
week of her sophomore year. Her life went from less than mediocre to
something resembling epic. With her new best friend, Jade’s help, she
managed to transform from the quiet girl no one remembered to the
most-envied girl at their private school, Philips Kimball Academy. But
things took unexpected turns.

Looks were more than deceiving. Life became unpredictable and

What happened behind closed doors and away from intrusive eyes was anything
but the fairytale everyone assumed she was living.

Years later, her past collides with her present life. Once again, her world
gets thrown into a whirlwind filled with painful memories, unforgivable
crimes of lust, and the loss of hope. Devastation and regrets.

This is the story of first love and loss. Lies and lust weaved into a web
too big to escape.

Will Scarlett’s web of lies keep her terminally trapped by her committed
sins when she was practically a child, or will forgiveness grant her a happy
ever ending filled?



About the Author

Bree McKennedy is the pseudonym of a published author that wanted to break
out of the cookie cutter world she was writing in. After completing a BDSM
trilogy and being begged to continue on, she had to take a mental break. She
looked around and saw misery and good intentions that led people straight to
the gates of hell. After waking up in the middle of the night, from a dream,
the character of Addison evolved.

Bree is happily married to a wonderful and loving man. They have two
children and an overly mothering cat. She spends her days with psychiatric
patients among the gamut. Her first love will always be healing the sick,
nurturing the wounded and showing compassion in the field of nursing. At
night, she taps keys on a keyboard or puts a pen to paper creating story
lines that will pull someone in on an emotional level.

Bree is a self-proclaimed “lover of the dark and tragic.”

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