Nora Roberts: An Inspiration for all Writers

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Toady I thought I’d discuss a goddess in romance and suspense writing, Nora Roberts aka J.D. Robb. While I casually browsed the library on Monday this week, I was actually specifically looking for Stephan King’s, On Writing. But happened to come across another book, The Official Nora Roberts Companion, with a foreword my favorite historical romance author, Julie Garwood. (I did also find King’s book, and after I read it I will post my thoughts here.)

On the front of the book it says, “An in-depth guid to the #1 New York Times bestselling author’s complete works-with photos included.”

But it wasn’t just an in-depth look at her work, it was an in-depth look at Nora and HOW she works. I learned so much from reading the artciles about her and interviews inside the book with her editors and agent.

Can you believe Nora writes 8 books a year??? WOW! She’s been writing now since 1979 (29 years now), and in that time she’d managed to pound out over 160 books! She has 294 million copies in print, and 147 of her her novels have been best-sellers.

The sheer number she’s written is astounding, and she shows no sign of retiring any time soon. In fact in the book she says, “Retire from what? I want to die at age 120 at my keyboard after having great sex. Wouldn’t that be great?”

I say, yes that would be awesome and I can only hope with a lot of hard work, I can do a tenth of what this wonderful writer has done!

I suggest reading the book for inspiration and a kick in the pants. The woman has a great work ethic and really sticks to her schedule. So after I hit “publish post” I’m gluing myself to the computer for a few hours.

Also check out her website,, it has some great facts and info about Nora and her books.


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  • A book a month?!?! Is this humanly possible? I wonder if Nora will share what brand of coffee she drinks. 🙂 And to think I’m worked up because I only have a year to write a second book…

    Thanks for the post, Eliza.


  • Isn’t that amazing! I read she was a big Coke and Pepsi fan…

    I’ve gone crazy doing NaNoWriMo, and that’s only one month, I’m not sure I could keep up with doing it every month of the year. And that’s not including touring, etc…

    Thanks for the comment Christine!

  • I still can’t get over the fact Nora Roberts and JD Robb are one and the same. And a book a month…*sheesh*

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