Online Games You Can Play for Free

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Online Games You Can Play for Free


Are you bored at home looking for something to play? You don’t want to spend much time searching for free games to play or download. So, instead of wasting your time playing old games that you already know, why not try out some new ones? Here are some great options to choose from to get started.

When looking for fun things to do, it seems everyone wants to play best mobile casino games. In fact, there are hundreds of amazing online games you can play without spending a dime. Some of these games are free while others are priced according to their quality and features. If you are looking for top-notch gaming experiences, you should consider checking out the following free online games.

Online Games You Can Play for Free

1. Mario Kart Tour

The Mario series is one of the best in video game history with almost 30 years worth of classic titles. For those who have never played this franchise before, Mario Kart Tour puts players on tour across eight different countries. Players will be able to unlock virtual items in each region as they complete challenges and race against other racers around the world. 

Once unlocked, players will then be able to use these items during races to further enhance performance. The more players complete tasks, the more rewards they may receive when entering the next area. It may take some time to earn enough points to reach the highest level but it will definitely pay off.


PUBG is an acronym that stands for PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds. This military shooter has been around since 2017 but has now become the top-ranked pokies online game on both PC and mobile devices. There are thousands of players trying desperately to survive until one player survives alone by surviving at least five minutes. 

Each person gets dropped into a large map with 100+ players all vying for the title of the last man standing. Those who survive can then continue their journey to achieve higher ranks and compete with bigger opponents.

3. GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto Online is another popular choice for anyone seeking a good time online. Players can indulge in various activities such as racing, shooting, gambling, fighting, among others. The gameplay is just as real as its console counterpart which makes it appealing to many people. You can also join up with friends to participate in multiplayer matches or simply enjoy yourself by traveling by car, bike, boat, plane, helicopter, drone, and even go skydiving.

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