Overcoming Blocks to Progress

Overcoming Blocks to Progress

Talking about mental health is very important, and the more knowledge and awareness you have on the subject, the better the ability to deal with this problem, identify that something is not right and seek the necessary help.

We all go through more delicate and difficult times, and especially with the pandemic that we are currently experiencing, and due to all the inherent concerns, it is natural to experience mental fatigue, which can significantly bother you and block your progress. It is something that happens commonly and can be worked on in different ways.

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The following tips will allow you to better deal with thought blocking but remember: if you need professional help do not hesitate to seek it out.

What Is Mental Fatigue?

Mental fatigue is a term used to describe a state of intense exhaustion, which affects productivity, motivation, creativity, and cognitive functions in general. This condition is caused by long periods of cognitive activity, without effective rest of the brain and body. In this situation, the person may feel emotionally unstable, with a greater tendency to irritability and sadness, insomnia, high levels of anxiety and stress, lack of motivation, binge eating or lack of appetite, the main symptom being mental block and disability to progress in the different tasks to be performed, namely in the cognitive domain.

How to Overcome Mental Blocks

First of all, it is important to realize that this is not a universal formula! Each person is unique and the strategies that work for one may not be the same as those that work for another. However, in general, these are some tips that allowed you to unlock your brain and welcome inspiration and motivation back into your life!


The Importance of Self-Care

It is important to define healthy self-care standards, allowing the body and mind the necessary rest for their correct functioning. Sleeping 7 to 8 hours a day is one of the essential aspects of a healthy mind with good reasoning ability. So make an effort to maintain a good sleep routine. It is also important to reserve moments of rest and leisure during your day, to allow yourself to relax. Watching a series, reading a book, listening to music, taking a walk, among so many hypotheses of your choice.

Allow yourself to live your life to the fullest, not just focusing on work. In this way, your inspiration will flow much more harmoniously. Doing physical exercise also brings positive contributions to the mind, so you should consider joining this activity to improve your health in general.

And finally, two fundamental aspects: do not discard your social life and keep your working time away from your personal and family time. Keeping in touch with family and friends allows you to properly separate the different facets of your life, and gives you the necessary rest to not impair your cognitive abilities. We find in our time with those we like, a lot of motivation, strength, and courage, so it is something that we always want to keep active.

Tidy Space Equals Tidy Mind

Keeping the workspace organized and tidy is one of the best ways to be able to work more effectively. Choose to reduce the intense stimuli that disturb your attention and focus on the task. You can always take advantage of the best robot vacuum and mop combo to keep your house clean with no effort at all. Try to keep your space with light and relaxing colors and keep at hand only the materials that you need to work on and that will support the task (agenda, writing material, etc.). The more comfortable your workspace is, the more appealing your time there will be, and the better your inspiration will flow.


Small Steps Towards a Big Goal

Dividing a large task into small goals is one of the great tricks that must be used, to maintain motivation and a healthy pace of work. For example, if you are a writer and need to write a book from scratch, putting as your goal only the final task, which will be the total writing of the book, can take you a lot of motivation, in the sense that your hard work will take too long to express progress.

However, if you divide the writing into small parts, you will achieve a goal that will allow you to stay focused, motivated and inspired. In this case, it would be the choice of the title, description of the main character, writing of the first chapter, and so on.

The ultimate goal is thus achieved, without feeling too cognitively under-charged. It is important to maintain a rhythm of achievable goals, which allow the moment of work to be combined with moments of relaxation, leisure, and socialization. This is a way to make it possible.

Above All, Allow Yourself to Be Human

Allow yourself to feel your emotions, explore them and reflect on them. Share your feelings and seek support from those you love the most. Your inspiration will return, no mental block lasts forever!


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