Author: Jory Strong

Genre: A contemporary quickie released January 22 at Ellora’s Cave

Price & Info: ISBN: 9781419927218

Price: $2.49 (e-book) Available at:

Rating: star4a.gifstar4a.gifstar4a.gif

What I liked

Our heroine, Kiera, overcomes a horrible loss and moves on. Slowly, she returns to desire and feelings of lust and love, aided by two close friends. Both men show a deep love for their fallen buddy’s widow, but respect for their friend has kept them away. I liked how Kiera had to be the one to make the decision to live again, and to love two men at once. The author’s choice of character names also intrigued me, as they differed from the plain old John, Paul, and Jane. The love scenes are hot, explicit, yet filled with mutual respect and love.

Book Blurb

For years Lucca and Quade have shared women and enjoyed games of sexual dominance. While she was married, Kiera was off-limits, even in their fantasies. Now that she’s single, guilt and loyalty keep them from acting on their desire.

At twenty-six, Kiera has been a widow for almost as long as she was a wife. Before pain and loss stripped her bare and changed her, she’d never craved the things Lucca and Quade want in the bedroom. Now she does. She knows they love her. But for them to have a future together, she needs to break through their emotional barriers.

Unknown to them, she’s got a plan. And if it works, Quade and Lucca won’t be able to resist her healing seduction.

Note: Set in the Crime Tells world, with brief cameos from Lyric (Lyric’s Cop), and Calista and Benito (Calista’s Men).

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