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Title: Shafted

Series: Bishop Cliffs #1
Authors: J. Haney & S.I. Hayes 
Genre: 2nd Chance Romance/Romantic Comedy
Release Date: May 1, 2021


Ten years ago, Willow Kennedy and Reid McHale were in love. Then College and life got in the way, tearing them apart.
After finding her fiancé in bed with a floozy, Willow is convinced to go home for her class reunion, her one hope, NOT to see Reid McHale.
So much for that.
Reid McHale, having wasted years in the mines, is a bit bitter. After running into Willow, quite literally, he tries all he can to avoid the woman who broke his heart, but this small-town man can’t seem to shake her.
What’s worse, the attraction between them is all-consuming and unavoidable.
Can it work for these once upon a time lovers, or will the whole relationship simply get the Shaft?





Chapter 1 Willow

You bastard. What a scumbag! You fucked some white trash whore in my bed! Have you lost your fuckin’ mind?” I grab the whore who is scrambling to get her clothes by the hair, dragging her—naked as a jaybird—kicking and screaming through my house. Tossing her out the front door, I storm back to the bedroom where Joshua is putting on his underwear. Taking off the engagement ring, I toss, hitting him square in the eye. “Here, I know I don’t need this, now get the fuck outta my house!”

“Baby, I’m sorry. It just—happened.”

“What, she fell and slipped on your micro dick repeatedly?”

He’s got his pants on and is going for his shirt. “You know what? I’m not going to apologize. I’m sick of living with a frigid cow.”

“Thank God! It’s not like you’d mean it if you kept it up. Get on out, and I will pack your shit.” I say, walking him to the door before opening it. “Ta- ta now!” He goes to speak, and I slam the door in his face.

I hear a muffled cunt through the door as I’m walking to where I laid my purse on the counter—opening it to pull my phone out, hitting Jasper’s name. Jasper’s my GBF. You know, Gay Best Friend.

“Sweet-tart, I just left you. You can’t be missing me already.”

“The bastard had some white trash trailer park whore in my bed!”

“Ooh-take the octave down a tad—I’m turning around. I’ll be there in a few minutes. What do you want me to bring to drink?”

“The whole damn liquor store and I’m gonna call that taco place we like.”

“Make sure you get the cinnamon churros and chipotle fish tacos.”

“Don’t I always?”

“That’s my girl.”

“Just get here and watch for the naked whore walking down the street.”

I hang up the phone then immediately call for delivery. Thinking back on the last ten years—Joshua and I were coming up on our ninth anniversary—almost half of it we’d been engaged.

Once Jasper makes it to the house, I tell him what went down, from me walking in the door and seeing it to everything that was said. “What a way to celebrate my twenty-eighth birthday.”

Jasper is looking at me with a finger against his pursed tan lips. “Did he take the ring with him?”

“I think it’s in the bedroom on the floor.” He gets up, bouncing off to the bedroom. “Hey, what are you doing?” I yell over my shoulder.

“I’m getting us a payday!” He shouts.
Shafted: Bishop Cliffs Copyright ©2021 Haney/Hayes










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