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My second book of 2009 is now available for pre-order:
Between the Lines
When scarred writer Aaron Cooper finds his muse in New York, can he finally stop running?
Writing suspense had its downsides – Aaron had already started to entertain morbid images of her sprawled on the floor with a bottle of an unknown substance, he glimpsed her grey dress at the top of the stairs. Relief flooded him as she headed back towards their table.
The relief was quickly replaced by horror as he saw her make-up. She’d definitely been crying.
God. What had he done?
He studied her face as she neared the table. Her eyes weren’t red. That was a good sign. Perhaps it had only been a short cry. Nevertheless, the idea that he had caused her to cry at all made his stomach clench painfully.
The apple crumble didn’t sit so well now.
She pulled out her chair to sit. Aaron couldn’t help but notice the way the fabric of her dress pulled tight over her breasts for a moment as she reached back to pull the chair in.
“Sorry about that,” she said.
“No problem.” He smiled at her, but his head filled with questions.
She looked down and saw her coffee, still steaming. Smiling, she tapped the cup’s handle. “Thanks. How did you know?”
Now Aaron smiled a real smile. “Lucky guess.” He leaned in, teasing. “Would you like to be alone with it?”
“That depends.” She slowly unwrapped one of the tiny chocolates and placed it on her tongue. “Have you ordered me a Danish to go with it?”
He chuckled, enjoying her, and then his smile faded. She was so beautiful. The slightly smudged make-up around her eyes made them seem bigger, brighter. Even the possibility that he’d made her shed tears made him feel like a huge, huge asshole.
So he had to know.
Before he really knew what he was doing, he took the coffee cup from her hand, and then enclosed that hand between both of his.
Her skin was soft, her fingers warm from holding the cup of coffee. Her nails were short, and shiny with a transparent gloss. Her hand was so small cupped between both of his. She seemed so delicate. “Tory, what’s wrong?”
Her hand trembled once between his, and then she smiled. He didn’t know her well enough to tell whether it was a real smile or a false one. “Oh, that. I was just freshening up. I splashed some water on my face before I remembered that I’m not wearing waterproof mascara tonight.” She looked contrite.
Aaron narrowed his eyes slightly in concentration. Was it a lie? For the first time in a long time, he wished he had more female friends. They’d have given him some sort of manual on all aspects of women. No doubt it would have a chapter on how to tell truth from lie.
“Are you sure?” he asked. He hoped that she understood that those three words actually meant if I’ve upset you, please tell me. If you’re annoyed, or upset, or offended about the fact I kissed you – tell me.
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