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Literary Fiction, Novel in Verse

Date Published: June 7th, 2023

Publisher: Jackson Heights Press


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A lethal plague sweeps the globe. Millions have died. Survivors are
confined to their homes.


Gabriel passes his time in a small New York apartment on the city’s Upper
West Side. During the plodding solitude of the lockdown, he observes several
strangers in their nearby apartments. As he watches them struggle to survive
a world at risk of extinction, he wonders about their lives—where
they’re from, what they value, how they’re coping with a deadly contagion.
All alone, he develops a vague yet important connection to these people, an
affection for those who are struggling to survive isolation, fear and
looming death.

Told in powerful, spellbinding free verse, Gabriel’s observations grow
deeper and more elaborate as the endless days pass. But when he and a woman
from across the street begin to watch each other from afar, his imagination
begins to collide with the bleak reality of the times.


Praise for A Plague of Mercies

“… a captivatingly unconventional love story … brilliantly
observant poetry that captures a dark moment in our recent history.”
—Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review)


Praise for Adam Pelzman’s The Boy and the Lake

“Pelzman excels at creating an intensely atmospheric setting and
revealing how it shapes his characters’ identities and worldviews …
The narrative is full of rich, descriptive language … a
well-developed vintage setting and classic but thought-provoking
coming-of-age theme.” —Kirkus Reviews


Runner up for 2021 Selfies Book Awards U.S.


Praise for Adam Pelzman’s Troika (A Cuban Russian American Love

“Riveting drama and sensuous prose make for an unforgettable love
story … [a] beautifully rendered debut.” —Kirkus Reviews
(Starred Review)

“Pelzman’s talent and vision are formidable …”
—Publishers Weekly

“… transcendent, magnetic, intoxicating …”

About the Author

Adam Pelzman was born in Seattle, raised in northern New Jersey, and has
spent most of his life in New York City. He studied Russian literature at
the University of Pennsylvania and went to law school at UCLA. His first
novel, Troika, was published by Penguin (Amy Einhorn Books) and later
republished by Jackson Heights Press as A Cuban Russian American Love Story.
He is also the author of The Papaya King (which Kirkus Reviews described as
“entrancing” and “deeply memorable”) and The Boy and the
(which is set in New Jersey during the late 1960s). His newest novel, A
Plague of Mercies
, is available for pre-order now.


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