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The Blades Of Sheorae, Book 1

Fantasy Romance

Date Published: April 2023


Her fate is to fight. Hes sick of seeing death. When their potent chemistry
ignites a powerful alliance, will they risk love in the face of peril?


If you like slow-burn relationships, intriguing magic, and engrossing
mystical settings, then you’ll adore Tyger Price’s thrilling

About the Author

Tyger Price, a homeschooling author/mother of ten, writes steamy-clean YA
Fantasy – letting joy lead.

She just can’t bring herself to grow up; she just won’t do it!
Being naturally drawn to children, she hopes people aren’t offended if
she talks to their kids before speaking with them. She doesn’t mean it
as a slight. She just can’t help it. She considers herself a
“recovering addict” where babies are concerned and with ten
children of her own, it is no wonder.

Being a native of the land of dreams and imagination, she strives to fill
her life with joy while checking things off her ‘apoca-list.’
She loves tigers and butterflies and specializes in steamy-clean romances
that make your knees quiver. Still, she goes where the joy and the story
leads, delving into fantasy, mystery and adventure with expert

Homeschooling a gaggle of kids keeps her reaching for her notebook or
camera – writing down funny things they say and recording their many
zany adventures. If there are quiet moments, she enjoys cuddles, sunshine
and the scent of vanilla.


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