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Mad Scientists Society, Book 1

Historical Romance, Steampunk Romance

Date Published: August 16, 2022

Publisher: Steam Cat Press


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Sometimes the path to true love is a walk on the wicked side.

Dr. Henry Jekyll has—almost—always lived by the rules. Hoping
to improve society by separating a person’s good and evil halves, Hal
tests an experimental potion on himself. When the drug lowers his usual
inhibitions, Hal crashes a high-class party, downs a strong drink, and
propositions a sophisticated courtesan. All in the name of science, of

Calliope Finch needs only six more months as a glamorous mistress to earn
enough to open the library of her dreams. So when Callie meets the awkward,
bookish party crasher calling himself Mr. Hyde, she knows nothing can come
of it. Not when his curious charm and unfailing honesty come at the expense
of his bank account. All she can spare him is a kiss—and maybe one

Spurred on by their unwavering attraction, Hal and Callie soon become
friends and scientific collaborators. But Callie’s list of potential
protectors is dwindling, Hal’s potion might not be the solution he
hopes, and a mysterious enemy is making mischief at every turn. With their
goals slipping ever further from reach, Hal and Callie must put their minds
and hearts to the test. Even if it means freeing sides of themselves
they’ve long kept hidden.



She needed to get back to work. Nothing could come of wasting her time
flirting with this mysterious party-crasher. No matter how intriguing he

“It is quite the extravagant affair,” the man said. His gaze
fixed on Callie, sweeping up and down her body. “I’m glad I
came. Mr. Ackner’s stoves may be second-rate, but his guests certainly
are not.” Again, his face twitched a bit. Callie had the impression he
wasn’t accustomed to speaking so boldly. Perhaps the alcohol had
loosened his tongue.

She tried to quash her curiosity. It was time to move on. She glanced
around, seeking potential wealthy lovers. That bastard Hinsberg caught her
eye and gave her a wink. Callie quickly turned her gaze away. She could
overlook the fact that he was twice her age, but he was cold and cruel, and
that was entirely unacceptable.

She took hold of the party-crasher’s arm and steered him toward the
exit, telling Hinsberg without words she was otherwise occupied. The young
man flinched at her touch but didn’t try to pull away, allowing her to
lead him out into the hall.

“Are we headed to a private chamber for amorous purposes?” he
asked, a hopeful note in his voice. He thrust a hand into a pocket. “I
brought coins. How much do your services cost?”

Callie shook her head, trying not to laugh at his bizarre naivety.
“More than you have.”

“Oh.” His shoulders slumped.

Callie tossed back the remainder of her champagne and set the empty glass
on a decorative table in the middle of the corridor. Ackner could pay for
new furniture if it left rings. Her companion looked down at his own
half-finished drink, then shrugged and discarded it.

“Perhaps a small subset of your services?” he offered. “I
have…” He made a quick check. “Two dollars and
forty-seven cents.”

 About the Author

Award-winning author Catherine Stein believes that everyone deserves love
and that Happily Ever After has the power to help, to heal, and to comfort.
She writes sassy, sexy romance set during the Victorian and Edwardian eras.
Her books are full of action, adventure, magic, and fantastic

Catherine lives in Michigan with her husband and three rambunctious kids.
She loves steampunk and Oxford commas, and can often be found dressed in
Renaissance Festival clothing, drinking copious amounts of tea.

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