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Children’s Book

Date Published: 05-16-2023

Publisher: Raise the Woof Press LLC


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CJ and Lora are on a mission. They want to ride on a float during the
Independence Day Parade with their new puppies. But their camp counselor
says puppies need basic puppy training before they can be in the parade. How
will CJ and Lora train their puppies to be confident, calm, and open to
learning new things? Will they be ready in time to ride the float in the

Introducing The Puppy Adventures of Porter and Midge: Out and About
a quick introduction to early socialization and training for puppies that
will make them outstanding canine citizens and wonderful family pets. Kids
will love following along with the two puppies’ story as they learn
about how to take care of their own pup.  Use the included checklists
to go on real-life adventures together with your furry friend!



Jennie Chen

Jennie Chen has been active in purpose bred dogs since 2001 earning over 75
titles in conformation, competitive obedience, rally, herding, lure
coursing, weight pull, drafting, water rescue, packing, and animal assisted
therapy. Her first AKC Champion was a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, Ch
Dixieland Blazing Maximus, CGC, HIT, SS, SWET, WETT, HIC, WETX, WTXX, WPD,
DD, WWDS, RN, CD, THDA, VGS, 2017 GSMDCA Ambassador of the Breed,
“Mouse.” Mouse was the first Greater Swiss Mountain Dog to earn
any Water Rescue titles, and he was spokesdog for the Keep Austin Dog
Friendly trend for many years appearing in magazines, news clips, and
serving the community as an animal assisted therapy dog. Keep Austin Dog
Friendly was nominated for a Webby Award in 2016.

In addition to Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs, she also owns a pride of
Lowchen or The Little Lion Dogs. In 2019, she piloted her Lowchen, GCHS
Musicbox Got Your Six at Roman Reign “Target” to #1 All-Systems,
#1 OH for 2019 and 2020. Target went on to win the Breed at the AKC National
Championship in 2019, Westminster in 2020, and Best in Specialty Show in

Jennie has served on various board and committee positions in the Greater
Swiss Mountain Dog Club of America, the Lowchen Club of America, as well as
regional Newfoundland and Bernese Mountain Dog Clubs. She is a GSMDCA draft
judge and weight pull judge.

 Giselle Nevada

Originally from the Philippines, Giselle came to the US to attend Wellesley
College where she studied Economics. After graduation, she worked in
managing risk/compliance teams, specializing in machine learning and more
recently, risk policy.

Giselle has owned several mastiffs over the past 20 years, some from
reputable breeders and others she rescued as adults. Her experience with
rescuing and fostering mastiffs led her to become interested in
socialization as a way of preventing future issues. She enjoys working with
her dogs and has trained them in various canine sports such as carting,
conformation, agility, rally, trick dog, nose work, and more. Her puppy,
Porter, is an example of the success of early socialization, having earned
multiple performance dog titles and even starred in a movie directed by
Marian Yeager called “Match Me If You Can.”

Giselle is an active member of various dog clubs such as the Scentwork ATX
Club, Capitol Dog Training Club of Austin, and the Mastiff Club of America.
She has lived in Austin for over two decades, and her passion for dogs and
socialization continues to inspire her work.


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Porter and Midge 05/16/2023 - 9:09 am

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