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Review: A Pirate’s Bounty by Eliza Knight


Eliza Knight has always brought amazing works of fiction to us romance readers. This is one of the reasons that I always enjoy her stories and jump at the chance to read her books. I also got to meet her at the RWA conference and not only she is very sweet person, but very talented. A Pirate’s Bounty of Faryn who is captured by handsome pirate Captain Wraith Noir. Just when she think she is going to die and be sent off to the notorious pirate queen she finds that Noir wants her all to himself. What’s a girl to do with a handsome pirate? Can the love they feel for each other conquer all or will revenge and secrets come to cause obstacles? You will just have to find out. Be prepared to fan yourself ladies, Knight provides many a great love scenes! With passionate characters and amazing historical accuracy, Knight’s historical romance is sure to please and make you want to go sail for your own pirate captain.

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A Pirate’s Bounty

Eliza Knight


Genre: Historical, erotic, romance


1764 ~ When Faryn is captured by the mysterious and sensual dread pirate Captain Wraith Noir, who delivers her as a slave to the flesh-hungry court of the pirate queen, she expects her future will be bleak and death imminent. Lucky for Faryn, Wraith offers a different destiny—he wants her for his own.


Duty, desire, passion, revenge and treachery besiege Faryn and Wraith. With the future uncertain, only fate, love and the truth will set them both free.


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