Review: All Hallow’s Eve by Cristyn West



If you are looking for that awesome Halloween read, then you have to read All Hallow’s Eve by Cristyn West!  I’m a big fan of West with all her other books. West creates a masterpiece that takes us into the scary world of a serial killer and why he is killing people in a martyr fashion. An intelligent and horrifying read as you go through the book, you will find out why the serial killer does what he does at random. West writes horror that will keep those who love the horror genre busy with delight at the turn the pages seeking to find out what happens next. With believable characters and charters that you will root for.












All Hallow’s Eve

Cristyn West

Genre: Horror/Paranormal


Book Blurb:

All Hallow’s Eve: The One Night it is Bad to be Good
People are being martyred but not for their faith. Instead the deaths are part of a serial killer’s sick game as he chooses his victim by their name… then kills them in that Saint’s grisly manner.



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