Review: Becoming: The Life & Musings of a Girl Poet

Brown provides us with a refreshing look at her life through her words. A muse in her own rite, Brown takes us on a literary journey that inspires and awe as you travel down the winding words that she weaves. Those who love poetry very reminiscent of Maya Angelou will love Brown’s poetry. This is the second in poetry books that I have read and always enjoy them. I could say that I would love to pick a favorite poem, but you will find as much as I did that poetry — it’s words takes us on a journey, a journey so incredible that we cannot have a favorite. If you are looking for beautfully written poetry than look no further with Brown’s Becoming: The Life & Musings of a Girl Poet.









Publisher: Smashwords
Book Title: Becoming: The Life & Musings of a Girl Poet
Genre of Book: Poetry

Format: Ebook
Author Website:
Purchase Links:

Author Name: Nadia Janice Brown







About the Author: Nadia Janice Brown’s poetry and articles have appeared in national and international magazines, and literary journals. She is the author of the award-winning book, Unscrambled Eggs and the founder of Author & Book Promotions– a book promotion service and resource directory for authors.

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