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Review: Black Rayne Silent Screams (Dragon Queen, Book 1)

Must Read

Denise Alicea

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The premise of this book intrigued me a lot when I read the book blurb. While the writing was interesting, the 521 pages was definitely daunting. In the end, it was worth reading. Very interesting book.

This book was tagged as “urban fantasy” on the author’s website, which I think I would have liked to have known going in. For some reason, the cover put me in the mindset that this was going to be sort of an average paranormal erotic romance, and it definitely wasn’t. While there was romance, and a paranormal element, this was very much an urban fantasy, emphasis on the fantasy. The world-building is complex and interesting, the characters are likely going to have long lives in the fantasy realm that Yvonne Nicolas has created, and it’s not your average cuppa-tea romance read. I eventually had to download it onto my Kindle just so I could relax.

Think more Lord of the Rings meets Marilyn Lee. I liked Rayne, the heroine. I’m still not sure if I’ll stick around for the rest of the Dragon Queen books, but I’m willing to be convinced. Yvonne Nicolas is a talented plotter, and I think that this series will continue to get more and more interesting. The world-building was fantastic, and I’m interested to see what happens in the future.

“Born and raised in Florida, I am a half-demon living my life as a human. To my peers, I am an R&B sensation, but to the underworld, I am the Dragon Queen. My demon father was killed by battle angels, while my angelic mother was forced into exile. My goal is to find my demon vampire consort to rule by my side. However, with a mass of Chingi demons and vampires out for my blood, can I succeed?

‘The light and darkness lives within us all.
Which one dominates your soul?'”

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Yvonne Nicolas

Thank you for your review and kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed my crazy tale. Hopefully, you'll stick around for the rest of the series. :oD_Hugs,_Yvonne Nicolas


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