Review: Blackbear the Pirate by Steve Buckley

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Denise Alicea

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Buckley introduces amazing and color characters in Blackbear the Pirate. Blackbear in this book is searching for the mysterious island of Bearataria. Although his crew has other thoughts and is afraid, Blackbear tells them to have no fear and that it’s an adventure. Believing in him, his crew sets sail to find the island. Once they do, will they meet Pirate King, Bearfoot? What will happen? You’ll have to find out as you read this amazing book. The illustrations bring it to life and are stunning. Kids of all ages will enjoy this book and the several others in the series. A bonus for those who have smartphones or tablets is that there is an app to download to accompany the books. Once your device goes over a page you get an amazing accompanying video! This is sure to become a fan favorite for the summer.



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Come along and join Blackbear the Pirate as he sails about upon the high seas in search of fun and excitement in his great pirate ship, the Annie. You will meet his all-bear pirate crew, including Calico, Izzy Paws, Le-Kidd, Barty and Bonnie. In this first swashbuckling tale, Blackbear sets sail in search of the cave of the great Pirate King, Bearfoot, who lives on the mysterious island of Bearataria. It’s non-stop pirate adventure for the buccaneer in all of us! Prepare to set sail with Blackbear the Pirate, and welcome aboard, matey.

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