Review: Book Two Mantis Coma

Title: Mantis: Book Two – Mantis Coma
Author: Joshua Scribner
Author Website: >Joshua Scribner
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Lyrical Press Incorporated
Price: $5.50
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What I liked: His existence was maddening. He couldn’t go into a vision, even when he imagined walking.

Adam had not needed to kill the man. He’d killed the man for fun.

Right now, he had to travel to Texas to kill Mantis Shed.

Mantis heard the terrible sound of his own voice laughing at him.

In the second instalment of the Mantis series, Mantis Coma, author Joshua Scribner continues the otherworldly journeys of Mantis Shed. This time around, Mantis has become trapped in a dream-like world he can no longer exert control over. Mantis faced challenges and challengers in his previous walking adventures but now he has to relinquish his powers to forces far greater than his.

Mantis moves through a series of physical and psychological obstacles that threaten his existence in both realms. While a revolving cast of characters adds to the thrills, Mantis needs to draw on his own strengths like never before if he wants to regain custody and control of his body and mind. Adam is the worst kind of tormentor Mantis has to do battle with; Mantis may actually have to fight himself at a time when the usual instincts can no longer be trusted and may no longer be his.

Book blurb: Escaping to alternate realities can be exciting and fun, until your life depends on winning in these places.

In this second installment of the Mantis series, Mantis is walking with his eyes closed, a trick he has developed in order to enter fantastic visions. Unfortunately, this walks him over a cliff.

When Mantis wakes he is aware he’s in a hospital and paralyzed. He discovers a way to leave his body in spiritual form and finds portals that lead into other worlds, where he must face obstacles to ensure his survival.

Meanwhile, in everyday reality, a spirit has possessed the body of a man and taken the name Adam. “Adam” has special powers of his own, and seems unstoppable. He’s been instructed to assassinate a man on the road to becoming a formidable political figure. But first, he may just have to kill Mantis Shed.

Graphic violence and mythical creature violence.

Book excerpt: The whirlpool appeared in the ceiling. He felt the air above his body, experienced it as himself. He was moving, going into the vortex. Once more, he could hear the voices of two children, but Mantis couldn’t tell what they were saying, possibly because they were unclear, maybe because he was panicking. Why was he dying? Why had he gone off the cliff? He wasn’t ready.

Mantis tried to fight the movement, but without impact. He drew closer to the whirlpool. He could no longer make out any other part of the ceiling. The voices of the two children came through clearly.

Someone’s coming, right, Andy?”
“Yes, Candy. But you have to tell him what to do. He should stay hidden.”
Why would he hear that as he died? Maybe he wasn’t dying.
His motion stopped. He realized he’d had something to do with that. He purposely had the same thought.

Maybe he wasn’t dying.

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