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Review: Bound By Blood by Amanda Ashley


Bound by Blood is all about the life of Kaitlyn Sherrad. She is the half human/half vampire daughter of Elana and Drake Sherrad from the previous book Bound By Night. Kaitlyn is excited to spend some time alone after her graduation, little does she know that’s going to change when she meets Zach Ravenscroft . Zach is another vampire, but he is different and both share an attraction to each other. The story itself was a very good story, but I found that Kaitlyn for being a half vampire is too much of a damsel in distress. I wanted her to take more action and take charge. All in all the book was an action packed read and the villains were also amazing. If the heroine was changed just a bit then it would have made for a great novel. The second in the series, I hope to see more of Amanda Ashley.
















Bound By Blood (Book #2)

Amanda Ashley

Genre: Paranormal Romance


Book Blurb

Zack Ravenscroft loves women – all women – and they love him. The irresistibly seductive owner of the hottest casino in Nevada, Zack has tasted every wicked pleasure Sin City can offer. But never in his 600 years as a vampire has he seen a morsel as delectable as Kaitlyn Sherrad, the mysterious young newcomer in town. Zack knows nothing about her – except that he craves her. Kaitlyn is half vampire, half human – and all woman. As the cherished daughter of the Carpathian Coven’s master, she has been given every luxury a girl could desire. Now her only need is for a prince. But though she’s ready to gamble her heart on Zack, a powerful enemy stalks their every move…watches their every kiss…and waits to destroy their undying love.


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