Review: Bound By Love by April Dawn


    Bound By Love
    by April Dawn

    Genre: Historical Romance
    Publisher: Breathless Press
    ISBN: 978-1-926771-26-7
    Price: $4.95

    What I liked
    The premise of the book is very interesting. Unwilling daughter runs from tyrant father, gets accidentally kidnapped by hot pirate and then imprisoned for piracy. I like it. The plotting is sort of all over the place, through the middle, but it comes back around in the end. And the writing is generally good. There are some violent scenes in the prison that some readers might not find appropriate, but I didn’t find it to be anything unbelievable. If anything, it made me concerned for the conditions of women’s prisons around the world. The historical detail is good, and the hero was very sumptuous. The editing was distracting, at times, but that’s hardly the writer’s problem. I thought the writing quality was quite good. Indicative of talent, and potential. I would be interested to read more of April Dawn’s historical romances. I think she’s got a bright future ahead of her as a romance writer.

    Book Blurb

    Chloe Adderley is on the run from an unwanted marriage and a father who is far more dangerous than she realizes.

    After finding herself with an ultimatum that she can’t accept- marry the man or starve to death in her room- running to her grandmother’s house in Italy seems the only thing to do. She will pretend to be a governess, and hire a ship to take her there. It is a flawless plan. When she is attacked and knocked unconscious, however, she never suspects that the man who finds her will mistake her for a harlot.

    Captain Darion Bannon is dismayed to discover that the unconscious woman he has taken aboard is actually an innocent lady. When they find themselves falling in love, Darion admits that he is a Privateer for the Sons of Liberty. After being arrested for piracy, as the Crown calls it, they face a cruel prison and transportation to the Colonies. When they are finally able to relax and be together, her father sends a man to come after her, and Darion finds himself fighting to keep the woman he loves. Only their love can help them survive the cruel twists of fate.

    “Leave me alone.” She said.

    He looked into those windows that she called eyes, and saw fear, but he also saw the desire she had for him.

    “You have bewitched me, my little beauty. I could no more leave you than I could leave my own body.”

    He kissed her, using all the tricks and charm he possessed he would make her his, body and soul.

    The kiss was so full of passion that it clouded her head. Her mind screamed out for her to fight, to bite him, and kick him, but her body rebelled. She melted in his arms as his body molded to hers. He released her hands, and she made one last attempt to stop this man who seemed to know just how to set her body aflame. He ignored her hands that pushed weakly at his chest, and kissed her cheeks, and chin. His mouth, and tongue roamed her neck, kissing, sucking, biting.

    As he found her pulse, he began to suck at it. She felt a rush of pleasure flow through her, and heat started to emanate from the core of her. His hands roamed her breasts, and suddenly she felt the need to remove the chemise, to feel his rough callused hands on her. As if sensing her need, he rolled her on top of him, and removed it. She blushed as she realized that this man was making her submit to him, and she found her struggle to resist all the harder every time he touched her. Indignation filled her, and she started to move off him, but he flipped her under him yet again.

    “Don’t fight this, my beautiful little witch. You know you want this too.”

    And she did, that is what scared her.

    Reviewed by Rebecca Lynn – contributing reviewer of The Pen & Muse blog


    1. Thank you for the review. 😀 I'm glad you liked my voice, and hope you enjoy my other novel, Crushing Desire.


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