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Denise Alicea

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Maggie Dove is back and not just with a beautiful cover for Call Me Duchess, but back with a tantalizing love story filled with mystery and suspense! This story follows Marguerite Wiggins and her sisters in London in the 1870’s. Left penniless, they must find husbands or positions in order to keep themselves afloat. Marguerite is falling in love, but not before a crazy rapist wants to change her plans. Will he? Will Marguerite attain the love that she wants? You will just have to find out. This is one romance readers will not want to miss. Dove does not disappoint as she enchants the reader and brings back to the life and times in London in 1870. You will also fall head over heals for her characters. So go ahead and pick up this amazing read and get ready to be transported back in time. Be also sure to read the other Dove book, Angel of Windword.


Call Me Duchess

Maggie Dove

Publisher: Eternal Press

Genre: Mystery, Suspense, Romance



A rapist is loose in London…and he has plans for Marguerite Wiggins.

Grippingly suspenseful and romantic, CALL ME DUCHESS is one young woman’s stunning journey to find love in 1870s London while a dashingly handsome chaperone, a heinous villain, and her own lofty aspirations stand in her way. 

Left penniless by their father, Marguerite Wiggins and her sisters must find husbands during the London season or find work as governesses by season’s end. Determined to become the next Duchess of Wallingford, Marguerite must make the difficult decision between following her heart or attaining her lifelong dreams and ambitions as a depraved rapist seeks to make her his next victim.

The warmth of his hand and the burr of his manly baritone sent a tingle up Marguerite’s spine. She stood stock-still, instantly mesmerized, as she looked up into his deep, dark, brown eyes. He was so devilishly handsome, he nearly took her breath away. 

“Hello, Meggie,” he drawled, releasing her hand.

Marguerite could not find her voice. She did not know if she was more shocked by his casual familiarity or by the teasing, almost mocking glint in his eyes. All too vividly, the embarrassing train ride came back to haunt her.

Samantha’s eyes shifted from Marguerite to Ashton James. “You know my cousin’s name? I was not aware you were acquainted with one another.” 

His lips twitched. “Oh, yes. I’m quite familiar with Miss Wiggins and her sisters. Right, Meggie?” 

Under his watchful gaze, Marguerite felt herself blush. “I don’t know him.”

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Maggie Dove

Thank you so much, Denise, for your wonderful review!


Tabitha Shay

Hi Maggie,
A great review and a beautiful cover…I loved Angel of Windward and looking forward to this next installment. Best of luck with your new release….Hugs…Tabs


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