Review: Christmas Eve at Etford Park by Erin Grace

If you are looking for a sweet historical romance set in England in the mid-1800s, then look no further with Christmas Eve at Etford Park. With her father passed away, Lily isn’t sure what he future holds. From the looks of it with her mother things are not looking up. A chance meeting with the son of a second lord and who knows what may happen next? I really enjoyed reading this as it’s such a great book to read during the holidays. I really liked Lily’s character and loved being sent back in time to the mid-1800s. So if you are looking for a beautiful story with fun characters with a dash of mystery and intrigue, look no further. 


Christmas Eve at Etford Park by Erin Grace  

From the book cover

1849, England. Nearly a year since her father died during the London Cholera epidemic, Lily Bowden finds herself in a tiny village in Kent, trapped in a life of unpaid servitude.

Along with her mother and younger sister, she relies upon the fragile goodwill of her minister uncle and his overbearing wife. After suffering injuries during a battle in India, Gabriel Holsworthy returns to England, only to find himself languishing in a military hospital in Chelsea. As a second son, he’d gained little favour with a demanding father and is reluctant to go when he is summoned home to Etford Park. Gabriel must accept his brother’s tragic death…but it’s the ghosts of his own past that haunt him.

With Christmas approaching, Lily finds it impossible to be joyful, especially as her poor sister slips into a deep melancholy over their late father. Lily no longer believes in the goodness of others, the Christmas Spirit …or the chance of finding love. For Gabriel, he is adamant never to risk his heart again. When he meets Lily, he is stunned by the spark of passion ignited within, but determined to extinguish it before it grows. No unruly slip of a girl will turn his head…or touch his soul. He will be as bitter as his father…as cold as the first Christmas snow.

In the season of healing and forgiveness, will Christmas bring sorrow for Lily and Gabriel, or will Christmas bring them love, the greatest gift of all?

About the author

Erin Grace’s love of collecting and reproducing antique lace led to a deep connection with the past. She felt every snippet of the precious fabric held a unique story – one Erin longed to tell.

But, as no two pieces of lace are the same, neither are Erin’s stories. Escaping from her ‘real world’ of sales and marketing, she immerses herself in unfolding tales of dire circumstance, brave heroines, unscrupulous villains and, of course, passionate hot-blooded men.

When not writing, Erin indulges in her love of home-style food by teaching her children to cook.

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