Review: Claimed by a Laird by Laura Glenn

Glenn’s Claimed by a Laird is a time traveling erotic romance.  I really enjoy the time travel and the romance because it allows your mind to drift into another world. For this one Glenn did a great job. I really do like the premise and the one of the main characters, Anna. The story does take us back to a historical period where Anna meets Galen. Both feel something for each other, but Anna is not going to given in so easily to him. Those who love time travel and erotic romances will really enjoy this story. Who wouldn’t want to go back in time to meet Galen after all?  😉


A new Medieval, time travel plus-novel releases August 16 at Ellora’s Cave



 Claimed by a Laird

Laura Glenn


Book Blurb

Anna has had little luck in love. After a long string of heartaches and an abusive relationship, she doesn’t let her guard down. But when a family legacy rips her through the fabric of time, she finds herself in the arms of Galen MacAirth, a thirteenth-century warlord who tugs at something deep within her shielded heart as he stakes his claim on her body.

Galen has been imprisoned by a rival clan. When Anna appears, offering him a chance at escape, he seizes both his freedom and the fiery redhead. Her opinions are strange, but her courage, beauty and passion stoke a possessiveness within him he has never known.

Though Anna surrenders her body to Galen, her heart is harder for him to capture. When a dark figure from her past emerges to reclaim her, she must decide if she can trust her newfound love, and Galen must fight to protect a woman with a history more complex and dangerous than he ever imagined.

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