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Review: Confessions


Sasha Campbell, debut author with Kensington books, has an authentic, engaging voice. Her character, Netta, is particularly worth the read. I did like Nikki, but found myself more often than not hoping that Netta’s chapter would be next instead of Nikki’s. A girl can only take so much whining. Really.

Parts of the writing were clunky, and the opening was not engaging at all. But once you get past the somewhat clumsy attempt to get you interested, you get REALLY interested. Netta is hilarious and vulnerable and crazy and engaging all at once. Nikki has a red-hot relationship with Kenyon that quite literally threatens to destroy her. But in the end, it was Trinette (Netta) who won over my heart and made me want to read to the end.

This was unlike any book I’d ever read before, and it contained quite a bit of infidelity, but it was interesting to me that I still bought the happily ever after in the end. I’m one of those people who will always say, “if she cheated once, she’ll cheat again.” But I think this ending will surprise you. Anyway, it’s worth checking out. I’ll be interested to see where Sasha Campbell goes from here.

In this dazzling debut, Sasha Campbell delivers a sexy, suspenseful tale of two women whose marriages will be put to the ultimate test. . .
For almost ten years, radio talk show host Nikki Truth has shared life’s ups and downs with her husband Donovan while doling out in-your-face relationship advice to her listeners. But lately it seems the good times in her own relationship—including the sex—are few and far between. Then she meets widower Kenyon Monroe, whose sizzling touch is too tempting to resist. But not everyone is under Kenyon’s spell…

Nikki’s best friend, Trinette Montgomery, can’t deny Kenyon is hot, but she never trusts a man who seems too good to be true. And she should know. Married to a successful CFO who travelsa lot, Trinette likes to indulge in all of life’s pleasures—including the fine men of St. Louis. But when her game goes too far, Trinette stands to lose everything…


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