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Review: Deceptions


Genre: Historical Romance
Publisher: Five Star/Gale
Price: $25.95
What I liked: 
Have you ever wished for something, you got it, and realized that it was not exactly like what you thought it was going to be? That is what Catherine finds out in Clay’s book Deceptions.
The story begins in England with Catherine about to be wed to a creditor of her guardian, but her heart belongs with another that went to The New World. She comes up with a plan and escapes to Virginia, where she finds out that the man that she loves is with another.

She flung herself into his arms and, burying her face in his shoulder, drank in his familiar scent, “I am bereft without you. Please say we can now be wed.”
He pushed her from him as he barged into the house. “There are things I must take care of before I marry again.”
“What things?” she cried. “You are free, I am free, what can possibly stand in our way now?”
“Plenty.” He sat down on the stump before the low-burning fire.
“I don’t understand.” She stood before him wringing her hands.
“Benson is making it impossible for me to marry again.”
Catherine sucked in her breath. “How can he do such ?”
Noah snorted. “Benson can do anything he pleases.”
Tears sprang to Catherine’s eyes. “But surely you can do something, Noah.”
“Don’t fret, sweeting. We can be together, we just cannot be…married.”
This tale let’s you in the head of an early colonist, and the many trials that she goes through.
I enjoyed this read for the realness of the situations and the characterization. Clay really made everything come alive.

Excerpt at the hyperlink above.


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