Review: Devils and Angels by Kate Richards

Richards provides a rich, sexy, and entertaining read with her contemporary romance Devils & Angels. Poor Cari Walsh has had no luck with men and at most she thinks she finally finds one and he turns out to be married! So much for internet dating and finding that perfect man online. What is a poor girl to do?  In comes suave and good looking Gabriel to save the day! What’s a girl to do with the right handsome knight and shining armor? Richards also brings on the steamy and the sexy between these two. I really felt bad for Cari’s character, she had been so unlucky in love that when Gabriel comes along that she feels that she has to explain! Each scene was very well written along with the characters that I am sure us readers can relate to. Richard does prove that there are Devils and Angels in the flesh out there.


Devils and Angels

Author: Kate Richards

Publisher: Breathless Press

Genre: Contemporary erotic romance

ISBN: 978-1-926930-06-0

Price: 2.99



Executive Cari Walsh has bad luck with men. Especially her most recent Internet guy. He’s handsome—and unexpectedly married. But when Gabriel steps in to rescue her from the lying devil, Cari discovers her luck and her life are about to change for the good.


Cari’s fingertips tingled with adrenalin. Images from her nightmares flashed in front of her panic-stricken gaze. She would see him dead before he took her baby away. She felt the world start to spin and everything went black.

As her knees buckled, Cari felt herself caught and held against a muscular chest, strong arms supporting her and keeping her from falling. “Is something wrong here?” A deep voice cut through the haze in her head. “Are you quite all right, darling? Is this man bothering you?”

Through the receding darkness, Cari saw the lightly dusted, golden-haired forearms locked around her upper body. She suddenly knew who her savior was—again. “No, I-I just felt dizzy for a moment, Gabriel. I’m fine, but if you would help me to my office so I can sit down?”

“Of course.” Ignoring Hayward, Gabriel put a solicitous arm over her shoulder, and they walked past a grinning Glenda into the office building. He accompanied her up in the elevator and down the hallway, while curious coworkers stared. Although she held her breath, Hay must have thought better of following them. He was probably gnashing his teeth out on the sidewalk.

By the time they reached her assistant’s desk, Cari was feeling much better. “Lisa, would you please hold my calls for a few moments?”

“Yes, Miss Walsh. Can I get you anything?” Lisa stood up and seemed unsure of whether to come out from behind her desk or stay where she was.

“No, Lisa, it’s okay.” Cari, now standing on her own two feet, opened her office door and beckoned Gabriel in. “Have a seat. I think we need to talk. “If he was going to rescue her at every turn, she needed to tell him what he was saving her from—at least.

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