Review: Dirty Trouble by J M Griffin

Vinnie Esposito is an Italian criminal justice professor with a problem–someone wants her dead.  Okay, multiple people want her dead.

Dirty Trouble is the second installment in author J.M. Griffin’s Vinnie Esposito mystery series.  Griffin doesn’t waste a lot of time before putting her heroine into peril, opening the book with Vinnie stuck in a car dangling from a bridge and then introducing a stalker with a grudge from her past.  I found the author’s story voice entertaining and engaging and enjoyed the unique metaphors, such as “Cops are like pit bulls.  They sink their teeth into a theory, rattle it around a while and hang on until something shakes loose,” sprinkled throughout the novel.

Unfortunately, I found the suspense lacking.  Although, the story volleys back and forth between the mob and stalker plot lines most of the scenes are a continually reactive to the same two events that happened at the beginning of the book and not progressive in moving the plot forward, leaving the story with a repetitive, drawn-out feeling.  And at 222 pages, I felt the book would have benefited from being thirty to forty pages shorter.

With Griffin’s strong female lead character and fun, sexy love triangle, some fans of Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series would find this an entertaining and worthwhile read.

Dirty Trouble
J M Griffin
Genre: Mystery

Book Blurb:

Criminal justice instructor Vinnie Esposito is having a very bad day. After barely escaping serious injury in a car accident, Vinnie runs into a former adversary she suspects is stalking her. Then she learns her 60-year-old aunt has been arrested and is palling around with mobsters. Suddenly Vinnie finds herself over her head in trouble – dirty trouble. It’s an awkward situation to say the least for someone who’s constantly surrounded by law-enforcement contacts – including the hunky State Trooper Marcus Richmond and FBI agent Aaron Grant.


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