Review: Doggone But Not Forgotten by Cynthia Selwyn

By Roane Swindon

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have the opportunity to revisit your high school sweetheart? But what if the terms upon which you parted weren’t so sweet? And you were forced into a reunion?

Carrie has no choice but to return to Rhode Island after her grandmother passes away. She just wants to get everything over with before she runs into Jack, her high school sweetheart – her first love – who broke her heart and who was the reason for her abandoning her home town.

But her grandmother’s mystery dog has other plans, and Carrie and Jack are pushed together to deal with the past – and with their lust and love for each other.

I enjoyed Cynthia’s writing – it was smooth and uncomplicated, while her characters are easy to like because of their realistic portrayals. Cynthia is also able to represent the sexual tension between Jack and Carrie effortlessly, making this novel an exciting read. Cynthia has a way of bringing back all those feelings for the opposite sex you indulged in when you were young, but tempered and intensified by the lessons of adulthood.

The addition of the silent – yet not so silent – dog Ellie is a fresh way of bringing angels and fate into the world, and you’re certain to feel uplifted – in more ways than one! – as you read!

Doggone But Not Forgotten

by Cynthia Selwyn

Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Breathless Press

Purchasing: Kindle version:

Book Blurb:

She needs to get out of there, fast.

Eighteen years ago, Jack Radigan took Carrie Moore’s virginity—then broke her heart by marrying her best friend. Now Carrie’s Nana has died, forcing her back to Rhode Island, where she’s trying to sell off Nana’s estate before she runs into him. But Nana had a dog not even her lawyer knew about, and it appears Carrie’s plan is doomed. Because the Irish wolfhound seems to have an agenda all her own, and it involves making Carrie deal with Jack—the town’s animal control officer— on a daily basis. The havoc the beast wreaks is costing Carrie a fortune. Hopefully, it won’t cost the last whole bits of her heart, too.

Jack married Becky…but he didn’t love her.

She was pregnant and he needed to be a father to the child. Now, Becky’s gone, and Carrie’s back home.  So when her dog runs amok in their town of Narragansett, it’s his job to get the animal under control. But first, he has to control his desire to kiss Carrie, the woman he was meant to marry many years before.


“License and registration,” Jack said through clenched teeth. He didn’t need the documents, but asking for them gave him an excuse to go back to his car and catch his breath.

And still his pounding heart. The dog had surprised him, but seeing Carrie…that had made his pulse pound.

He’d never forgotten her, or the passion they’d shared that one night. He’d never forgotten the way the moonlight sparkled in her eyes, or the way she’d smiled up at him. He could still remember the feel of her young, strong body beneath his, her small, firm breasts, the way his name had sounded on her lips.

He could still remember her expression of love and wonder when he’d entered her body, the way they’d soared together, come together, their bodies and their hearts beating the same rhythm. He’d never felt that way again.

Not even with his wife.

He stared down at his ticket book. Carrie didn’t want anything to do with him; she’d made that clear eighteen years ago. He knew he should just write her up—for what, he wasn’t sure—and send her on her way. But he couldn’t. He had to try. Just one more time. Maybe now she’d talk to him, let him explain what had happened.

You wouldn’t take my calls. Or Becky’s. We couldn’t explain, not even by going over and knocking on your door… Your bulldog of a grandmother wouldn’t let us in to see you. And then you left for college.

He’d never seen her again, though he had asked her grandmother about her whenever he ran into the elderly woman. There wasn’t much use in trying to get in touch, though. Not after he and Becky got married. Or even after Becky had died.

He dropped the book onto the passenger seat and reached for his hat. Not much point to that, he realized, lifting the soggy, battered and crunched thing that he’d once worn on his head. Shit. He put it down again, then tugged one of his business cards out of the holder on the console. It gave his number at the animal shelter, and listed his web address for the training academy. At the very least, she might ask him to help her tame the beast.

Or maybe, just maybe, Carrie had matured as much as he had, and would call him so he could finally explain what had happened.

He got out of the car and walked to the driver’s side window. She didn’t look at him. He wished she would; he wanted to see if her smile made him as randy as it had when he was eighteen, and if her silvery eyes gave him that same electrifying thrill. But she didn’t even turn her head.


She held out her hand without looking at him. Without much hope, he put his card onto her palm.

“Don’t let the dog eat it,” he said.

“Go to hell,” she said, and drove away.

Or maybe, he thought, she hadn’t changed at all.

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