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Review: Eagle’s Run

Must Read

Denise Alicea

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Eagle’s Run

By: Desiree Holt

Genre: Erotica
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Price: $5.20

What I liked:

Ms. Holt is a very engaging writer who can bring her Texan setting to life. Leah Morgan, owner of White Eagle Ranch, is suddenly faced with an unsolved murder and two illegitimate half brothers. She finds solace in the arms of Shane Duffy, hot-blooded veterinarian. As expected in the Erotica genre, their sex was quite hot, frequent, descriptive and satisfying.

The crime which sparks the story is clear, and the villain strongly foreshadowed. Although I did enjoy following the relationship between Leah and Shane – and her new family members – I felt that the plot needed more of a twist; it turned out exactly how I thought it would.

That said, if you enjoy crime drama with erotica, expect to be thoroughly entertained with an evening’s read of “Eagle’s Run.”


Leah Morgan forced herself to sit still in the massive leather chair, moving only her eyes as she scanned the occupants of the law office. No one looking at her could tell her heart was racing and her blood pounding as if she’d just exploded in the throes of orgasm. For a brief moment, as the full scenario she faced hit her, she wished herself back generations. Today she wanted to be one of the fierce Comanche warriors she’d read so much about, brandishing a spear, the light reflecting off the war paint streaking her face as she attacked.

It took every bit of her self-control to tamp all of that down, put a tight lid on it and assess the situation.


She snorted. Now there was a word for you. This was far more than a situation.

She’d come here today for what she thought was a mere formality, a scan of some documents, a few signatures. She’d actually almost forgotten the appointment until Amos DeWitt, her father’s long-time attorney, had called to remind her. Shouldn’t take too long, he told her. Just the reading of the will. Then she could get back to the ranch—her ranch—White Eagle Ranch—and on with her life.

Not for the first time she cursed the poachers who somehow managed to breach their fence lines in the dark of night and shoot the white-tail deer that ran wild on their ranch. A large herd ranged over their property but White Eagle wasn’t a hunting preserve and they didn’t even allow licensed hunters. And now, she was sure, one of those scumbags had been responsible for her father’s death. The grief she’d suffered since her father’s murder simmered beneath the surface, a luxury she didn’t have time to indulge in at the moment. She couldn’t afford to. She had work to do. Responsibilities to take care of. But walking into the familiar law office had changed everything. She stopped at the sight of the two men waiting with Amos. The last thing she’d expected was to be told they were her illegitimate half brothers. She’d stumbled to the closest chair, fisting her hands to control the quaking inside her.

Illegitimate half brothers?

Joe’s children?

Kris Tualla

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