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Fire & Ice, Summer Heat, April Showers, Winds of Change, these were the prompts that Elements of Soul, an anthology of great passion and talent. Elements of Soul combines that of the many talented authors who were winners of the Accentuate Writers Forum. This anthology is a collection of works of fiction as well as some poetry. For me, reading this was the best of both worlds as I love both types of writing. I know why these authors were chosen because they simply have the passion, the drive, and the beautiful wordsmiths they are. They choose the cream of the crop literally. This is one of those anthologies that once you start reading, you are not going to want to stop so be sure that you aren’t doing anything too important. Do I have a favorite? I would say, do not make me choose because all of the authors were superb at coming across with their own talent and ideas for the prompts listed. The anthonlogy also does not focus soley on one author only, it gives everyone an equal chance to prove themselves and they do so.



Elements of the Soul

Publisher: Twin Trinity Media (TTM)


Genre: Poetry/Short Stories/Fiction

Book Blurb:

The authors of the TTM Anthologies are chosen from the winners of the Accentuate Writers Forum short story contests that were held monthly during 2009 and 2010. The contests are on hold right now, so TTM can get caught up publishing the winning entries in the anthologies, but we plan to start new contests mid-year 2011. Each author submitted a short story based on a particular theme. Accentuate offered the theme, but the author could write anything they wanted to and interpret the theme in any way, provided it was clear they had used that theme. For Elements of the Soul, the themes were: Fire & Ice, Summer Heat, April Showers, Winds of Change.

Elements of the Soul is, then, the compilation of the very best short stories and poetry submitted to the contest based on those themes, meticulously prepared and edited by Michelle Devon, and judged blindly by a panel of at least three judges for each theme. With excellent reader reviews, Elements of the Soul will not disappoint. It contains short stories and poetry that are sure to appeal to all readers, in bite-sized portions, to whet the reading appetite and leave readers wanting more.

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