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A solid-gold pedigree and the illusion of wealth can’t guarantee a life of serendipity — not even if you’re Carter Reed. Cadence Reed learns this hard lesson after her husband of twenty-five years dies on a blizzard-swept Michigan highway – along with his pregnant young mistress. Now alone, Cadie discovers Carter has squandered the family trust on his secret life, and has sold half of his business to longtime friend and attorney, John Sloane. The lubricious Sloane delights in taunting Cadie, his interest transcending the mere business relationship. Untangling Carter’s mess consumes more than time. Sick and heartbroken, worried for her son’s education and her future, Cadie questions her life choices. A cross country journey with her son, Jackson, retraces her history – and peels away the veneer of learned aristocracy to reveal her own secrets. Only when she reconciles her past can she execute a plan to start a new life. FINDING CADENCE explores deception and depression, the intricate and tentative bond of relationships, and one woman’s determination to overcome pride and adversity to find the strength to carry on. FINDING CADENCE was a finalist in the 2011 San Francisco Writers Conference contest and the 2012 Novel Rocket contest.


If you’re looking for a unique page turner with in depth characters than Finding Cadence is for you! The characters in Huspek’s story are very well written and the story will take you on an amazing ride. Cadence was one of my favorite characters because as a reader you can identify with her. She seems cold at first, but she warms up. It’s about finding yourself and your life. Those who love contemporary romance will fall in love with Finding Cadence.

Joanne Huspek
Finding Cadence
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