Review Getaway Weekend by Jaye Raymee

Title: Getaway Weekend

Author: Jaye Raymee

Publisher: Breathless Press

Genre: Contemporary erotic romance

ISBN: 978-1-926930-95-4

Price: 1.99


Jack is planning a trip up the coast to relax over the holiday weekend. He wasn’t going to bring anything but his books and a few bottles of wine. That is, until Cara invited herself along for the ride, and in spite of himself, Jack can’t say no to the young girl he finds so fascinating. But he’s certain that friendship is the only future they can have together, and he’s determined to make sure Cara knows it too.

But Cara plans to use their three days together to make Jack see just how wrong he is.

My thoughts:

Jack is ready to leave for his vacation, but instead of just him and his luggage he has some extra baggage coming along by the name of Cara.  Jack is not to keen on the idea of her inviting herself as he is old enough to be her father.

Cara is putting herself through college as has been on her own for quite some time.  Like some young people, Cara gets along better and feels more comfortable around older adults.  After meeting Jack at work and having a few breaks with him she wants to try and convence Jack she is the one for him.

Most of the time Jack is fighting the way he feels about Cara and tries to behave.  Cara is a virgin but knows what she wants.  You can feel a connection between them and the fun starts when Jack lets loose his fears.

I enjoyed the steamy read it was fun as Cara is a different type of person who does her own thing.  A refreshing story.

Denise Alicea
the authorDenise Alicea
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