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Denise Alicea

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Sonnenberg’s All that Glitters is a thrilling tale of page turning proportions! The Candy Caper steals jewelery and replaces it with candy. No one has been able to catch him as he goes on his spree of madness looking for an item believed to be blessed with ancient magic. Who will stop him? This masked man is leading a double life, one that may catch up to him eventually. What has everyone puzzled is the way that he steals and leaves candy as his calling card. From the plot to the characters, Sonnenberg really does capture the readers attention and doesn’t let go. Those who are looking for an entertianing mystery and suspense read, look no further because this is the one. I’m a sold fan now of Sonnenberg!










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A jewelry thief is on the loose in the town of Wickerwire, Iowa. He leaves behind no trace except for his newly-established calling card: candy in place of the jewels he steals, the media giving him the nickname of “The Candy Caper.”  He makes his mark and vanishes, and no one seems to have any leads on him whatsoever. He won’t give up until he finds his special item…but what exactly is he looking for? And what exactly is in it for him?
Said to be a “backwards superhero story” telling the story of a would-be villain, All That Glitters is a satisfying read for everyone and anyone who has ever fantasized about having a double life, a secret identity as well as a special ability…and whether this ability is seen as a gift or a curse.


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