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Review: Her Crystal Chameleon by Empress LaBlaQue


Chloe is married to a professor, Barron. She falls in love with a classmate at college called Rustin. Since Barron hasn’t made love to her in at least a year, she is prime for an affair with Rustin. When Rustin needs a new apartment, Chloe tells Barron that Rustin is gay, & needs a place to stay, so he ends up in her basement. Every morning after Barron leaves, the tow lovers have their time together.


However, Rustin wants more. He wants Chloe to leave her husband & be with him. She is reluctant because of her young daughter. When Rustin concocts a scheme to show Chloe that Barron is not worthy of her, she reluctantly goes along with it.


However, she’s not prepared to face the reality of her life, & the lovers part. All’s well that ends well, but it takes a lot of soul-searching for Chloe to discover where her heart lies.


This is an interesting book, with a couple of unexpected twists and turns. Barron is only peripheral to the story as a catalyst. The real story is Chloe’s internal struggles of motherhood, & what is best for her daughter, along with her attitude toward the racial difference between her & Rustin. Once she overcomes all that, it’s time to move on with her life.


Her Crystal Chameleon
Black Satin Confessions Revenge Anthology – Book 4
Empress LaBlaQue

Book Blurb

Rustin lives in Chloe’s basement. Though he pays rent, he also teaches her the fundamentals of making love. If Chloe’s husband discovers their luscious tenant isn’t gay, heads will fly. With his chestnut hair and dreamy eyes, Rustin is a real head turner; a mouthwatering treat, even to men.



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