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Review: High-School Reunion


I think I was confused, initially, by the fact that this book begins in high school and then the characters are adults later. So when I started reading, I assumed it was YA. I’m not much for reading YA. But I did enjoy this book. It was a nice short read, and had an interesting trajectory. In the end, I think I still was distracted by the beginning, and wished it wouldn’t have started in 2001.


TITLE: High-School Reunion

AUTHOR: Claire Matthews


BLURB: What happens when your first love returns for a second chance?

Ava Pennebaker has left her awkward, lonely high school memories behind, except for the one night she shared with Derek Bartlett, the high school “It” boy from her senior year. When they meet again at their ten-year high school reunion, sparks fly. Ava realizes that her feelings for Derek had never left her after all. Will Derek and Ava be able to rekindle the romance of their youth? Or will real life, along with Derek’s disapproving family, stand in their way?


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