Review: The Highlander’s Dangerous Temptation by Terri Brisbin


    Brisbin creates a wonderful story with the The Highlander’s Dangers Temptation. Isobel our heroine is feisty and knows what she wants. Athdar is haunted by a past he can’t remember. He’s also had no luck in his life with love with two wives and a fiance that died. He is a sweet hero and compliments Iosbel very well which makes the chemistry between them hot.  Both our hero and heroine, will need each other to survive. Athdar has more than his past to contend with, a woman he can’t stop thinking about, and someone who is out to get him? But Who? You will have to read to find out what’s going on. Those who love historical romances with a happily ever after will enjoy, Brisbin’s Highlander’s Dangerous Temptation.












    Genre: Historical Romance

    Publisher: Harlequin

    Book Blurb:

    Cursed by past tragedies, notorious Highlander Laird Athdar MacCallum has devoted himself to leading his people—and has vowed never to marry again. Until he is utterly disarmed by the innocent beauty in the eyes of Isobel Ruriksdottir…

    Isobel is drawn to the vulnerability she senses behind the fearsome facade of the clan chief. But with his formidable reputation, he is strictly forbidden. Being together can only lead them into danger, yet the temptation to risk all for their perilous passion is impossible to ignore.


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