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Kelly’s Woman

Kirstie Abbot

Review: If you are looking for a romantic tale then look no further than Kelly’s Woman. The story revolves around Kate and Sean. They were once lovers, until things change for both of them causing them to separate. Three years go by and when Sean’s at a friend’s wedding, he gets to see Kate again. Sean really wants to get her back, but he doesn’t push her, instead he wants to take care of her. I really liked that about Sean, he was a great character and knew what his goal was, but didn’t push it with her. Kate had to learn to let her barriers down because its one of the reasons that caused her to leave in the first place. This story does feature full BDSM, but that doesn’t deter away from the story of two people who really loved each other like Kate and Sean. If you like a happy romantic ending with some sexual discovery on both characters parts.


At a friend’s wedding reception, Sean can’t resist the allure of the chief bridesmaid—Kate, the woman he loved and lost three years earlier. Risking his heart once again, he makes the most of the opportunity to remind her of what had once existed between them.

Kate had loved the Royal Navy officer with all her heart. However, family circumstances had left her no other choice but to drive Sean away. Now her life is very different. When Sean, no longer serving his country, enters her life once more, she can’t turn him away—even though the bitter memory of the breakup that she instigated still stands between them.

When Sean suggests they go away to Scotland for a few days, he’s surprised by Kate’s ready agreement. In the remote cottage their love is rekindled, but it takes a blizzard to erase the past and allow them to start finding out who they really are—together.

Inside Scoop: Includes hints of a blossoming BDSM relationship.

A Romantica® contemporary erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

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Kirstie Abbot

Thank you very much for the lovely review, Denise.

Best wishes


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