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Review: Why Kill a Parapsychologist? By Madelaine Lawrence


Imagine dreaming that you witness a stabbing, and then waking up to discover that it actually happened. The dead man is a prominent researcher in the area of parapsychology and seems intent on exploiting your special abilities to make his presence felt after his death. Is it his interest in extra sensory abilities that has caused his death or the fact that he has publically endorsed the legalisation of gay marriage in North Carolina? As if this wasn’t enough, your lawyer boyfriend is defending his lawyer boyfriend, and needs your skills in forensic hypnosis to help him investigate.
Susan Kemp is a great heroine – mature, sexy and professionally competent. Her college student sons, Philip and Jeff, entertainingly help out with investigations in their vacation, and nicely balance the very real menace of the paid thugs who are out to get Susan, the creepy CSI guy who has a crush on her, and the ex-husband who thought about kidnapping her but didn’t want to waste the money.
Alongside the action there is romance in the form of Tom Danford, the good looking lawyer, and intrigue as together they engage the enemies of the dead man – anti-gay rights protestors and scientists who believe that his recent research project will turn the medical world on its head.
Madelaine Lawrence expertly juggles her story, from ghostly interviews to mafia goons and moody alcoholic ex-husband. The plot is well paced and fast moving – a real page-turner that keeps you wondering to the last.



Title: Why Kill a Parapsychologist?
Author: Madelaine Lawrence
Publisher: Eloquent Books
Purchase Links: http://www.amazon.com/Why-Kill-a-Parapsychologist-ebook/dp/B00557VMIM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&m=AG56TWVU5XWC2&s=books&qid=1307796724&sr=8-1


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