Review: Lifeline Echoes & Elusive Echoes by Kay Springsteen

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Denise Alicea

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Review for Lifeline Echoes: Springsteen has a remarkable ability to capture the love and emotions that go through when they need to survive. Sandy Wheaton helped Mick the trapped firefighter in a building after LA was rocked by an earthquake. She became his lifeline for 23 hours. After speaking with him for that long, Sandy began to have feelings for him. Unfortunately, she hears that no one survived the building that Mick was trapped in. Sandy decides to move on with her life and opens a bar in the state Mick loved, Wyoming. One thing is different though, Mick survived and he is back to make amends and find the woman that helped him though such a horrible ordeal. Lifeline Echoes takes us a journey of survival, love, and healing. I loved reading this book, Springsteen knows how to write such a powerful tear jerker. I’m a new fan of her work and will follow this author and her works. 

Review for Elusive Echoes: Springsteen continues on her journey with the next in her series. Again we get a glimpse of characters in a life long friendship. Melanie is such a great character and she struggled to heal the heart she left behind and her own. I also loved Sean’s character, he’s broken from being left without her yet he opens himself to her. Both knowing that they have to build trust, healing, and their love again. Springsteen left me feeling like I was with these two. I was rooting for them to go forward. You will too! If you love romance and happy ending then you have to read Elusive Echoes. 

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Lifeline Echoes


Voices form a powerful connection. The day the earth rocked LA, Sandy Wheaton became a voice lifeline over the radio for trapped firefighter, “Mick.” Less than twenty four hours later, she had fallen in love with him. Shattered when she learned that rescue came too late, she sought solace Wyoming, the home state he had loved. Now, seven years later, she’s made a life there as the owner of a popular local bar. But her wounds are still fresh, and she longs to let go of the past and her lost love so she can begin living again. That opportunity presents itself when the local prodigal son returns home. The attraction between them is instant. It feels like she’s known him far longer than just a few days.

Sixteen years ago, Ryan McGee left home in the midst of controversy. After living through a harrowing trauma, he finally returns home when his family needs his help through some troubling times. All he wants to do is make amends with those he hurt most and to get back to the life he’d never wanted to leave in the first place. When he meets the sexy bartender, he starts thinking in terms of forever. But there’s still someone out there he wants to find, someone who once believed in him and gave him hope. 


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Elusive Echoes


They’re two people caught between friendship and something more; they can’t move forward, and they can’t let go.

Drawn together from early childhood, Sean McGee and Melanie Mitchell seemed destined for each other. But at age thirteen, Melanie was wrenched from the people she loved and forced onto a path she loathed. Sean was no stranger to people leaving, but losing Melanie devastated him. When she suddenly reappeared in Orson’s Folly, Sean was overjoyed. The Melanie who came home, though, wasn’t the same girl. She’s got a harder edge and she’s obviously hiding something, but Sean no longer knows how to reach her.

Returning to Orson’s Folly as an adult, all Melanie wanted to do was forget the years she spent away. But she soon learned that going home didn’t mean she could return to her old life—or her childhood sweetheart, Sean. Even their mutual attraction to one another hasn’t rebuilt the bond of trust and closeness they once shared. It’s been seven years since she returned and now everything Melanie wants to forget has broadsided her. She must confront her demons and relive her past in an unexpected way or risk losing the only man she’s ever loved. But even if she succeeds, Sean might be lost to her anyway.

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Thank you very much for taking the time to review my books and for your wonderful words.


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