Review: Lord of Thieves by Ingela Hyatt

When I was asked by a friend to check out this author, I had to. First of all I love historical romances and second of all I love the tale of Robin Hood. Hyatt creates a world of her own and incorporates the tale of Robin Hood inside of her story. She brings all the right pieces to the story and adds more to the fairytale itself. Hyatt makes you feel like you are traveling with both Lady Merrion and Lord Robert. Both have their journeys and their hearts to follow, but will they allow their passions to arise? The chemistry between Lady Merrion and Lord Robert are sure to make any historical romance reader want to keep reading.The story has a great pace and the author really does grab your attention.  It’s one of the best retellings of the Robin Hood tale along with the historical romance makes for an exciting read. I look forward to reading more from this author. Go grab, Lord of Thieves! You won’t be disappointed.

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Lord of Thieves

Ingela Hyatt

Genre: Historical Romance


Book Blurb

She is destined to hang… Accused of murdering her husband, Lady Merrion de Beaufey is fated for the gallows, when the infamous outlaw–Robyn Hode–rescues her from a deadly hail of arrows. Unable to remember the night her husband died, Merrion races to discover the truth before Robyn realizes he’s protecting a murderess. But there is something irresistible about the seductive outlaw… Can she trust him with her darkest secret? Only he can save her… Lord Roberte de Montichet has returned to England for one reason–to avenge his father’s death, and clear his family name. Disguised as Robyn Hode, he rescues a woman escaping a band of murdering knights, only to discover it is none other than Lady Merrion–the woman who nearly destroyed him years earlier. Roberte yearns to succumb to the passion burning between them, but dare he trust her? Or will she betray him yet again?

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