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#Review: I Love My Side of The Story by Sabrina Lacey


Lacey does again with an erotic romance in her I Love My Series. This story revolves around both Amber and Josh. It really went from literally HOT to cold and how relationships are perceived by different parties. Lacey really describes the thoughts on the couple and you feel like you know them. Lacey writes beautifully as you get each side from Amber’s to Josh’s. She writes like she is there as a fly on the wall looking over the couple. There were even times that I was rooting for both of them and then at times I was wanting to yell at them! There are very hot scenes between Amber and Josh that are sure to scorch, so have a fan handy! If you’re looking for a fun, hot romance and interesting read then you’ll love I Love My Side of the Story.








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Hi. I’m Amber. Josh and I have the real thing – true love. But we’re about to lose it. Why?  Well… okay listen… I’m going to be as honest as possible….except when it comes to my career, my boyfriend, and my ex-lover. Oops.
Josh here. Seeing Amber for the first time hit me like a Mac truck after it’s slid on ice, fallen over a cliff, and collapsed onto my head. Yes, that hard. But today? Ever been in a relationship and wonder how it went stale? Yeah. Me frickin’ too. To understand how we got here, you’ve gotta hear my side.


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