Review: Murder for Kicks by JK Maze

I’ve never read a whole cozy mystery before, but this one was a good introduction. Small town setting, cute heroine (well, she’s 32, so maybe not just cute… but I liked her), interesting plot.

Also, I’m not sure if it’s Red Rose Publishing or not, but this is my fourth RRP book this week, and so far, they’ve all been in first-person. Strange. I’m not a huge fan of first-person narrating outside of chick lit, but I thought this was the best-done first-person I’ve seen in awhile. It gave me a lot of access to her inner-thoughts, but still developed other characters well. If you like first-person narratives, this would be a good one to read someday.

The characters obviously had backstory together, and the first part of this book sort of picked up like the middle of a chapter in another book. Apparently (and I didn’t know this when I started reading), this is a sequel to a previous book, or at leastone in a series of cozy mysteries about the same main character. So given that, I can appreciate (although not quite understand) all the context of the story. Still, it was a nice read.

Mollie was an interesting heroine, and I felt connected to her. I liked the whole unintentional psychic angle, it made for some unique situations for a cozy mystery. Sorta paranormal-esque. But cool. Overall, if you like cozy mysteries and first-person narrative, you should check this book out. Or, better yet, start with the first one (Murder by Mistake), and then make your way to this one if you like that one.

Determined to avoid problems because of being psychic, Mollie tells Detective Bartholomew about her vision of a kidnapping. Because she has no details, he can’t investigate and Mollie sets out to get those details herself. Discovering the kidnapping site is in front of a martial arts studio, she signs up for a class, only to get entangled in the middle of a murder mystery and once again become a target of a killer.

Desperate to find the kidnapping victim and to learn the identity of her would-be killer, she again enlists the help of Lt. Bartholomew and Jack Wolf, the ex-special forces Native American, adding another cop, Jackson. After several harrowing experiences and several attempts on her life, Mollie unearths the killer. Mollie might have been honest about her visions this time, but has she learned when to draw the line at investigating on her own? Time will tell.

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