Monday, August 3, 2020

Review: Naked Souls by Kate Hill

Naked Souls by Kate Hill

Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Price: $6.99

What I liked
W-to the-O-to the-W. This book has really got it all. Fantasy, magic, hot-hot-hot hero (who, by the way, I would like to clone, thank you), hot love scenes, incredible sexual tension. The two main characters (well, the protagonists) were incredible characters, and I felt immediately connected to the heroine, who is trapped in a loveless marriage by a man who sees her as practically synonymous with one of his slaves. But the plot is so inventive, and flows so well. This was definitely a five-star read. I think that anyone who likes erotic romance (whether you typically read paranormal or not) will really like this book. Plus, it’s a full-length novel, which is really nice, because you get to spend a long time with these characters. The hero was ultra-yummy, the heroine was deep and interesting, the plot was fantastic, the writing was evocative and engaging… this is definitely a book I’m gonna read again! Excellent read. I highly recommend it. (P.S. Did I mention how much I want to be this chick who gets to be with Lysander the whole time? Um… yum.)
Book Blurb:

Betrayed and imprisoned, Overlord Lysander is forced to mate with beautiful Queen Flora. Lysander has never found a woman more desirable. Resisting her is impossible, especially when manipulated by carnal magic.
Trapped in a loveless marriage, Flora has dreamed about Lysander since meeting him at the high king’s gathering. She never imaged she would one day be forced into his bed by her maniacal husband.
Damaged by an abusive past, King Typhon obsesses about two things—keeping his kingdom safe at any cost, and the innocent maid who stirs his body and soul. Love is a luxury a leader can’t afford, especially when he’s consorting with the fleshtress, a creature who thrives on mortal lust.
Compelled to love a man she can never have, Crystal longs for brooding King Typhon. She sees past his madness and into his heart, but to save the man she must destroy the king.
In a magical world at war, passion abounds as four people are stripped to their souls, but will love or lust conquer all?
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