Review: Night Shivers by Ed Pessalano

If you are looking for great horrifying tales to get you in the mood for Halloween or just love the horror genre, then you will love Night Shivers. Pessalano creates such hair raising stories that it will make you go under the covers. There are thirteen stories in here varying from the wedding day that turns upside down to a camping trip with an unexpected visitor, and an oldie but a goodie when it comes to horror- the old abandoned house with revenge that goes into the paranormal. There’s more to choose from such as a story about a passenger on a train being perused by a deranged serial killer and an amusement park story that will have you thinking twice about ever going to a park again. Pessalano has a great gift, to entertain and scare the human mind with these horror stories. Those who love the genre and love a good scare will enjoy the book as much as I did. A fun, scary treat!

Night Shivers
Ed Pessalano
Genre: Horror
Book Blurb:
What happens when heartbreak on a wedding day turns to unspeakable terror, a camping trip is interrupted by a hideous midnight visitor, or when a fun outing to an old, abandoned house becomes serious when revenge reaches from beyond the grave? Author Ed Pessalano answers these questions and more in Night Shivers (73pp., tpb, $7.38), a collection of thirteen stories of suspense and terror. Night Shivers covers a range of territory from a ghost story called “Expected Company” to “The Night Train,” where a late-night train passenger is being stalked by a serial killer. A day at the amusement park turns into a twisted nightmare for a couple in “Terror Park.” In “The Mourning,” you’ll meet a hideous old couple. It seems like just about everyone they meet dies a mysterious death.


Jason held nostrils closed as the hearse drew closer. He noticed a nameplate on the side of the cart, 
stenciled V. Drago. A dead breath caught in Jason’s throat, when seeing a man dressed in a black suit driving the cart. Jason could not see the face at first. Then the man leaned forward and Jason gasped at the hideous contorted face. It was deathly pure white, with sunken eyes streaked with red veins. A living skeleton sat on the padded leather seat. Jason was too terrified to move. The leaning man extended an outstretched arm, inviting Jason aboard. All Jason could manage was to shake his head no from side to side.“Come,” the man said in a slow, haunting voice. “It is time!” 

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