Review: Now and Forever, a Love Story by Jean Joachim

By Roane Swindon

Now and Forever CoverNow and Forever, a Love Story is, as its title states, is a love story. We meet Callie, who is haunted by her previous love for Kyle, who was unfortunately killed in the army. However, we meet a strong Callie, who though still pained at losing him, is ready to move on with her life.

She meets Mac at the university, and the pair are drawn to each other immediately – we follow their exploration of each other, their falling in love, even though Mac has a young son.

Their love story is the ultimate romance as the pair is obviously meant for each other. But will their love survive a custody battle and a secret drug bust?

You will come to know these characters intimately as the writing is very descriptive, almost as though you are watching a film, and you are involved in their most intimate thoughts. The action is a bit repetitive at times, but Jean captures the complexities of relationships and love perfectly without jumping too quickly into stereotypes.

While there is a mystery to keep you interested in the story, it might take you a while into the novel. But the story of love and hope is one that is sure to inspire you.

If you visit the author’s website, you can get the first chapter for free! 🙂

Now and Forever, a Love Story

by Jean Joachim

Genre: Romance

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Book Blurb:

A novel of romantic suspense, Now and Forever, A Love Story, follows Callie Richards, a beautiful young woman who loved a handsome soldier deeply and totally until he was killed in Iraq.Brokenhearted, Callie mourned for two years. Now she is ready to start life again at Kensington State University, where she is pursuing a Masters Degree.There she meets Mac Caldwell, a handsome dean. He makes her pulse quicken as they try to avoid their strong mutual attraction in the administration office every day. Mac wants to make love to Callie but he is cautious. She is afraid to get close to him.While they can’t get together, they can’t seem to stay apart either. Their attraction is overwhleming!What starts as an innocent kiss soon escalates to a passionate embrace and desire that can’t wait. But is it love or pure lust?Callie’s mysterious past, increases Mac’s curiosity and his desire for her. Their sexual chemistry keeps pulling Callie to Mac. Callie joins the drug task force at the University, but is put in danger when the drug dealers close in. They will stop at nothing to eliminate those who stand in the way of their dirty business, including murder.Mac and Callie join forces to deal with tremendous loss and danger that threaten their growing love and devotion. Will their relationship survive? Will Callie live to make love with Mac? Is she the one he has been looking for? Can he keep her out of harms way? (via GoodReads)

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